IP Blocklist option for CIS

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While I was browsing through the internet and I was wondering if Comodo could be able to include a security protection tool into CIS called IP Blocklist, Outpost Firewall and OA Firewall have included this security tool into their software so what do you think it seem like a great idea to me.

See two website link for more information about IP Blocklist tool.

Outpost Firewall Calendarofupdates -

OA Firewall Calendarofupdates -

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I like this idea, but bear in mind that there is an optional sign up for Comodo Secure DNS when CIS is installed. You can also use it even if you don’t use a Comodo product, since it is not installed on your system in any way.

Secure DNS has a blacklist of known malicious sites, which acts in a similar fashion to an IP Blocklist :wink:

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G’day Beanie,

I’ve been using Comodo firewall when the first version came out :wink: :smiley: and I’m still using the latest CIS with a firewall and +D system as well, I’m fully aware about the Comodo Secure DNS options I’m not ready to that yet I will very soon I’m trying out OpenDNS for a while.

Okay about IP Blocklist option for CIS I reckon this is a great idea for some people who hasn’t heard of OpenDNS or Comodo Secure DNS while using the latest CIS software, you have to understand not all people all over the world used the DNS security option and this would be very helpful for other people out there.

Most people over the world may choose not to used a DNS security option and I cannot see why not Comodo included this tool option IP Blocklist into the software as another option tool on/off mode, if some people choose not to used OpenDNS or Comodo Secure DNS would you agree as a backup extra security option.

I would vote YES ;D ;D

Edit more: As I say above it a great idea to included IP Blocklist option for CIS for a very good reason please have a good read about ‘New DNS exploit now in the wild and having a blast’ New DNS exploit now in the wild and having a blast | Ars Technica

+1 for a Blocklist plug in or sumping like that.

Just as long as, like in Peer Guardian, I can use ports 80 and 443 and block the other traffic I would be a happy bunny…


It would also be lovely if the user could turn it on/off easily (via a rightclick on tray).

Eh, is it just me, or does such a feature already exists?

1) Click on the [Firewall] button/tab.
2) Click on [Advanced] button (to the left).
3) Click on [Network Security Policy].
4) Tab across to [Global Rules].
5) Add the IP address you wish to add rules to, such as blocking.

  1. Though this is still unofficial, once you have added the new rule then proceed to scratch your bum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Knows that this does not help if you wish to add a large library of IP addresses at the same time.

Cheers. [_]8

COMODO Firewall should be able to read and import the HOST file data (found in %WIN%\system32\drivers\etc) to determine whether or not certain IP addresses should be blocked automatically. O0

This would be redundant. If the IP is in your host file, your system won’t accept connections from that address. No need to block something that is blocked…

Exactly, but there are some trojans and worms, such as the Troj/BagleDl-R trojan, that modify the HOST file, so as an extra precaution having COMODO systematically do checks and keeping tabs on the HOST file including keeping a second record of the HOST file would still prove beneficial.

I like to take ‘extra’ precautions if possible. :-La

The precaution is already taken. CIS protects the HOSTS file by default.

You make a good point, I respect that :slight_smile:

+1 for an IP blocklist, preferably as a plug-in :-TU