ip address prob

i m using the latest version of cfp there were no probs yet. but now whenever i start the comp the ip address alert pop ups (new private connection found) even though it is there in the section my network zones. wat should i do?? any help??

Easiest solution is to go to miscellaneous/settings and uncheck “automatically detect new private networks”. There seems to be some confusion over what “new” is.

hi sded,
i know this setting buddy but i dont wanna disable this setting. any other option frd. i installed the latest cfp 3 i.e when it was released and i did not had any problem yet. just 2-3 days before this (private network found) problem arised. so why this sudden prob i dont know. is this a bug or is this a prob to other users too or is this a specific prob in my case. so please help me yaa.