Unsure if anyone has already posted this.

does anyone rate this software ?

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I did ages ago. Always one step ahead :slight_smile:

Scan wise it’s unreliable at best from my personal view. Plus IObit have a very dodgy rep. It stole Malwarebytes def for it’s AV, it installed spyware on the systems and their customer service thinks that it’s users are idiots. Stay away.

I had heard about the Mbam thing… not too clever 88)
I have used the uninstaller in the past but got CPM now
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all I needed to know

Yeah. After my post about it I went on the little research about it and I found all what I said above. Now I’m not saying all of it is the truth but many sources claim so but do you want to take a risk? No. You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I was aware of the whole M’bam thing but never heard of them installing spyware. I just thought someone may be interested so I posted it . The software on the other hand is excellent at maintenance. Professional reviewers from multiple sites aren’t giving it 4 and 5 stars for no reason. I’ve heard a lot of people make reference to the fact it’s Chinese made, and that also gives me pause.

If I were to use it I would download, install, update once, then block access to DNS and the Windows sockets interface and that would be that. There would be no further contact with any servers.

IObit System mantainence, Glary Utilities, Winutilities, Rising PC Doctor, and Kingsoft PC Doctor are all Chinese. Toolwiz Care is Korean, Puran Utilities is from India, WinOptimizer Free is German, and Jetclean is American. Those are all of the free ones worth using off the top of my mind.

I only use Auslogics Bootspeed because I feel it’s the best, But if i had to choose a freeware utility it would by far be WinOptimizer Free. Ashampoo makes great software. If they ever get your email address they will spam you to death, but they make great software.

I did ages ago. Always one step ahead :)

That’s the way I like it Seany007. That way I can an eye on you. ;D

Anyway sorry for the double post on the issue.

Great day, evening, or night to everyone depending on where in this world you are.

lots of good stuff comes out of china.
Lenovo computers which are superbly constructed.
Kingsoft office is a excellent application.

If we judged software by country of origin then nothing would be installed.
On another note there is an iteresting thread on wilders about puran and its author concerning him installing spyware within his programs.

Well as I said it was claimed in a few sources that IObit installed spyware. Oh sure so did I. Well I don’t really believe too much in such programs which claim to speed up your system. Auslogics is very good that’s the only one I use so far. Ashampoo? Now that’s a very new name to me. They had a good promo about it not long ago I missed it thinking it’s no good. Spam you to death? LOL! Have you ever heard about Uniblue? Thank you and it’s a good night for me and the same I wish to you :slight_smile: