IObit tool box

i recently installed IObit tool box which is a good program BUT to run it i need to compleatly disable the anti virus for the program to run. iv added it to my list of trusted programs but comes up with…

the application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000022) click ok to terminate.

like i said i can only get it to work if the firewall is disabled.

…thank you!..[shadow=red,left][/shadow]

How can you be sure of this? They have been known to steal code and collect System Certificate information.


No iObit programs in our computers anymore. Thieves. They’re a no no.

ok… whats the problem with this? can you recomenned a good system tool to use then as it seems ok to use but if its stealing stuff then what?

I have JV16 - 2010 installed on my system. It seems to play nice with CIS (not freeware, btw).

Woot !? I’m using Advanced System Care by IObit !! It’s the free version and I’m using it to sort out my system from errors, fix registry issues, track spyware, boosting internet, disk defrag, monitor and clean my ram memory usage, etc. !
I rarely use this software, the only tool that I use 24/7 is the ram monitoring one !

Do I need to be worried or something ?! Comodo already detected a suspicious file in this software called “CoolTrayIcon_D6plus.bpl” which I’ve submited it to Comodo long time ago and I’ve set the av to exclude that file cause otherwise the program doesn’t work because it always gets quarrantined !

sounds like the problem im having… whats jv16?

Glary Utilities is one tool for that. CCleaner could do the privacy/cleaning things.
For tweaking, I’ll suggest Ultimate Windows Tweaker, XDN Tweaker and the old-and-good-now-freeware XQDC X-Setup Pro 9.2.100.


Tech i don’t know if Glary is such a good idea because when i had it Comodo would sandbox the initialize file(i forget the name) and my computer would hang for like 5 minutes after log on.

Glary is not a toy. It could do good. It could do bad. It’s for advanced users.
Any tool that calls itself a booster and panacea will be bad in many systems.
What I can say is that iObit is a no-no due to its reputation.
I do not trust in their technical decisions even less if they change settings in my computer. I think they just promise what they can’t deliver.

im a complete noob to all this so your information is gratefully received. but if you have anything free that i can use that is good then thank you. it takes forever for my computer to start up now

thanks again.

Try while it is free.

I was an active member on the IObit forums and ran their Advanced System Care and Smart Defrag software for about a year before they got caught red handed stealing code from MBAM and that brought all of the other shady dealings of their Administrators into a light that helped me realize that they were running a rip-off joint all along.

I then uninstalled all of their software including Advanced System Care which phoned home each and every day that it was installed on my computer because at the time I foolishly trusted IObit enough not to block its internet with the Comodo Firewall Pro.

I replaced Smart Defrag with MyDefrag (formerly JKDefrag) which will optimize your computer’s hard drive in any of several different ways. I use the ‘Sort by Last Access’ option which took 30 seconds of my Vista computer’s boot time and shaved several seconds off of opening my Image Management program as well as many of the other larger programs I run.

From their website- “MyDefrag organizes files into zones, such as directories, Windows files, files used while booting, regular files, and rarely used files. The most accessed files are placed at the beginning of the harddisk, and files that are commonly used together are placed in close proximity to each other. This results in a dramatic speed increase, and is in fact more important than defragmentation. The program comes with scripts with a zone organization suitable for most users, power users can customize the zones through scripts.”

I have always run CCleaner and it is great for System Cleaning and Registry Repair, but Comodo System Cleaner finds and removes files undeleteable files that CCleaner can’t touch and finds about 2X as many Registry Repairs as CCleaner does although I don’t use it everyday like I do CCleaner because it requires a reboot of the computer to complete its extra through cleaning, but when it comes time to do a Macrium Reflect Image Backup or a Win 7 System Image Comodo System Cleaner gets my computer ‘Roto-Rooter Clean’!


@maxxwire thanks ill take it on board. i do use defraggler from piriform but ill give “mydefrag” a go


iv downloaded it and it dont have the “sort by last access” option wtf is going on??

blackproton- Go into your My Defrag program file> Example Scripts, copy the 'Sort by Last Access" script and then go to the Scripts file and paste it there.


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Please report this in COMODO Internet Security 4 and Application Incompatibility Problems Reporting.

Windows registry is so delicate and dangerous part of your OS that i wouldn’t blindly trust only to number of registry keys deleted, because after that 600 keys deleted you may confront an unbootable windows. So Safety first! Ccleaner at least has a perfect record and it always was very safe to use. i don’t think comodo can be compared yet to Ccleaner regarding the safe of usage.

i use Ccleaner and Auslogics registry cleaner (free and proved itself to clean well and still be very safe)