IObit Malware Fighter I0bits new software?

IObit has just released the first public beta version of IObit Malware Fighter, a new anti-malware software to detect, block and remove malicious software from Windows PCs.

The beta version is currently exclusively available on the official IObit forum and on select third party download sites. Users who are interested in the application should realize that it is still a beta product, meaning that the software can cause problems on some systems or configurations. I did not experience any problems except for the occasional program termination during tests. The program itself seems well designed on the other hand and it seems unlikely that it will have critical negative impacts on computer systems. The application interface looks well designed.

I want to see this tested and fail.

Apparently the protection isn’t working yet. I wonder if they will fix that by the final build this time?

I don’t like any company that steals other companys AV signitures
(example, they stole malwarebytes signitures and others)
IObits detection when downhill after they got caught

Agreed. ;D

I can never trust IObit.

Ah Yes. Sleeping I remember when IObit is the place where i always went to for problems, Their great products such a vareity and their smart defrag is the smartest wakes up Oh wow, what a nightmare!


IObit is something i really never touch’d except when i was exploring ‘tune up programs’ and ‘defrag’ programs…


I’m disappointed in their program called “Security 360”.
So this program didn’t makes me interest their product again.

Note: Their Tweaking and Defragment program is really work in my opinion.

No iObit anymore on our computers. They failed miserably in our confidence after thieving.

Agree when I saw this I just taught.

Google translate? ???

Hi user
We want to do first the comodo to 1. place congratulate our malware test 2011.

and now a true story:

many user always say that the company IObit of malwarebytes has stolen virendefinitionen and is completely untrue!

There is virendefinition writer, daily under huge pressure to work, so that the user packet their daily 2 to 3 virendefinition get as update.

virendefinitions offering are sold under the virendefinition writer. now is the company malwarebytes in the game come. malwarebytes has an virendefinitions packet prepared with errors;

the company IObit has these packet virendefinitions bought and forgotten to control it, on that date the company IObit was inexperienced unfortunately, this was a great error.

now the company malwarebytes somewhat in the hands against the company had IObit and popular lie that the company IObit has stolen virendefinitionen.

We find that a healthy competition fight is good, but we have something medium using improper as does the company malwarebytes.

also you should know that the company malwarebytes has noticed that IObit products are much better than the product malwarebytes. Furthermore their user should know still that malwarebytes programmers are not first class programmer. the malwarebytes are 5 great programmers and each has always malwarebytes product programming errors to

our conclusion: the company IObit is innocent! the company IObit is simple a malicious lie campaign the company malwarebytes in which case gone! Unfortunately was inexperienced company IObit and malwarebytes was mercilessly exploited by the villain!

that could each have, happened really everyone!

This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

think about why for example the company malwarebytes never test take part on a virus.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you for the attention.

spy007 & co.

Can you please post a link to the test you’re talking about?

This IObit malware fighter is just a beta version , no such software on official pages yet. ;D

Edited : Oops and this is written/quote above , excuse me I did not seen this … :wink:

You are mentioning a third party that delivered the stolen anti malware definitions. I asked but nobody remembers that a third party was to blame. Can you give us sources to verify that claim?

Our malware test 2011. We took 25 protection with default settings to the chest and reviewed some manufacturers offering a free solution in addition to a paid offering. Our malware test consists of three parts. The first is the so-called FIIP test. Here is trying with a program to compile a virus in c:/Windows /. The protection of the respective protection solution works effectively and reliably, this attempt to block or compiled virus then harmless. In this case the test is passed. You can however prove nothing the solution and the compiled virus in c:/Windows/still exists, so this test is not passed. In our tests following things have noticed this particularly: the Comodo Internet security test utility automatically in a sandbox runs, producing a compile is impossible. Disabled sandbox was still the protection. PC Tools of protection only in the free, demonstrated anti virus version but not in the paid Internet security. The second part of the malware tests is the so-called 500 test. Here the detection performance of the respective protection solution is checked the first time. 500 Viruses, worms and Trojans. Before installing or disabled real-time of protection solution 500 directory on the hard drive is copied then investigated with default settings. The directory content is checked after the investigation and the initiated countermeasures. To obtain a reliable result we examine several times the directory until the protection solution considers final directory clean. The number of remaining pests results in the recognition performance. The less remains that the higher the recognition performance. The third and final part of the malware tests is the so-called 5000 test. It runs as it would like the 500 test. The infected directory includes however 5000 viruses, worms and Trojans. Test/1. Place: Comodo Security premium with 99.8% detection 2. Place: G data Internet security with 99.6% detection warning: FIIP test failed! 3Rd: BullGuard Internet security with 99.4% detection all solutions have been tested on Windows 7 32 bit and included the date latest program updates and signatures.
spy007 & co.

Hi EricJH

If a made-up staged malwarebytes (Hollywood movie), do you seriously think that suddenly arises a third?

If you believe this but then I must seriously ask whether you understand the in the dressing room have made.

Please it take to personally that understood with the hand to the dressing room!

I have said already far too much really I can not tell more.

All evidence are two lawyers and one notary for my safety!

spy007 & co.

totally agree here too, on this statment.