IObit again

I just came across this article. A bit scary.

Man I am happy I don’t use Iobit :slight_smile: That’s for making us aware SG65 :slight_smile: :-TU

Valentin N

+1 :-TU

Since they were found out by malwarebytes, they could no longer beat malware, so they joined them.

IObit as thieve: IOBit Theft Conclusion - Malwarebytes News - Malwarebytes Forums

NEVER use an IObit product!
I think the antivirus should detect it as spyware!


Nothing more to say.
IOBIT lost their reputation ever since they steal the db of malware bytes.

Link expired. :cry:

Strange… The author does not acknowledge any error or FUD…
Bad… Removing the link is not a solution for FUD in any way.

Google still have the page in cache.

At Wilders some users don’t agree with the article.
Plus: the blogger removed the post without explanation.
I think that I placed my faith with the wrong person.

When I read this topic and the article, I downloaded Advanced SystemCare on VMware Workstation and in the installation process unchecked options to install toolbars - they didn’t install, unlike the blogger said. Also, Advanced SystemCare was easily removed by Revo Uninstaller. It was something fishy in his article from the beggining. Anyway, I won’t use IObit products again. Wait a sec… I never did. :smiley:

I am not an IObit user, but as far as I know, Advanced SystemCare can be downloaded in many famous download sites such as Cnet, softonic, softpedia and they all test it clean and safe.
And it is recommended by many users and editors, many of my friends are using or have been using it for a long time.
I download Advanced Systemcare and not to choose the installation of toolbar, then the ASC continues and quickly run a fast scan. NO Problem, NO force! After the optimization, I choose to uninstall it, everything goes smoothly, now it is gone and no traces left!
I do not know the purpose of the author, but I have to say his opinion is total nonsense, and I believe users have the biggest saying.

Knews from Bill.

That is an interesting bit of backpedaling…

In his retraction he states that the article was based on information provided to him by an associate who is new at this type of analysis. However, in his original article, he says that this was what he experienced, not an associate… 88)


Especially when you look at a Cached page of his post 88)

Indeed, the retraction is not real a retraction.
Anyway, the test results are wrong and the FUD is, somehow, repaired.
That does not change my personal opinion about IObit anyway.

Nor mine. They’re still dirty criminals in my mind.

IObit Never Force Users to Install Toolbar

In recent released IObit products, there is an option to choose installing IObit Toolbar with Yahoo! Search, to let our users quickly access security and system functions, in the installation process. You can easily uncheck the toolbar, ignore it, and go on with IObit products installation. So, if you uncheck the toolbar box, no toolbar or search engine modification will happen. We find some malicious articles, may from our evil competitors, claim that “Despite my instructions NOT to install – the application continued to attempt to install both programs to Internet Explorer, AND Firefox”. This is totally mis-leading and wrong. Everyone can perform the test and see who is lying.

Moreover, IObit programs will not interfere with the system restore function. Most often, when users failed to restore their computer to a previous date, they can go to Safe Mode to restore their computer with success as some anti-virus programs may block the restore function.

IObit is a reliable software vendor and our software is 100% clean without any spyware, adware, or virus. Our software is tested as “100% safe and secure” by many famous 3rd parties like VirusTotal, CNET, and MajorGeeks.

Just enjoy downloading, installing, and using them in your PC with confidence.


Who’s evil here?

I think it’s time we close this thread.
The author changed his blog post, IOBit responded, case closed.