Invite members to create Banners!

Hey guys…

checked out the banners that u guys hav created… Not bad! But Color combinations are not all that good I guess… I mean chk the firefox banners… Now that’s some great work… I’m sure there will be members who’ll do a good job of creating some good banners. Why don’t you invite them!
Just a thought!


This is an attempt… thought for the version v. 3 and thought for Those Italians

I’d like to have a Comodo Firewall logo with text such as ‘Proud Supporter of Comodo Firewall’ to link to my site - I’m very impressed with the product, but don’t want to place any of the other banners on. Can one be developed?

pls consider this as an invitation :slight_smile:

good idea… lets create them…


Hi ppl… im a newbie when it comes to stuff like this…

and id just like to say that (R) its by far the best firewall i have owned. (:KWL)

not sure about the banner but can I make one small suggestion for the Comodo shield




LOL. Onya.


hi Afro,
2 shields seems extra 2 me. how abt shield 1 side n comodo’s logo 1 side? its gud idea to include da slogan like “free but best…”

n u put “pcmag editors’choice” seems not appealing enough since there r many other products also got same award. more dan dat, there r ppl dun agree wit pcmag (like me, few times)

my 2 cents.

That’s nice work, clarensio! Afro, for a “noob” to such things, you’re doing fine; clean and simple - that’s a good start.

(:CLP) to you both!


PS: StrangeQuark, is the island from LOST in there somewhere? :wink:

once you get to Gilligan’s Island you can’t miss it 88)

North Island of Gilligans Island or South Island of Gilligans Island?

or was that Gilligan’s Ireland ???
now I’m not sure, I feel like I’m drifting in an Ocean of Confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

and here’s my penance to atone for my outbreak of silliness 6.jpg

Nice banner quark. (:CLP)

BTW I think it is “Island”, as “Ireland” is something altogether different.

yep think your right, I was getting confused with Milligan’s Ireland. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone have the Shields from the Firewall and Anti-virus apps in PSD format? I tried to get them from the creator but he didn’t seem to understand why I needed them or didn’t want to let me have a copy of them… (:SAD)

I want to make some banners for my site I just need the source files…


Here is my contribution to the Project

my Lord,
i see u change the design of da shield on left hand side ?
it looks fatter and da fire is not as lively

I guess you didn’t get your powder-sugar-donuts (PSD) file? At any rate, that banner looks pretty good. So does your new sig.


That is a really good banner & signature image as well… well done Lord-Revenant professional level stuff, excellent work.