Investigation into Comodo One and Comodo ITSM

Please excuse me; I’m not sure whether this is the correct section, but I am aware that Comodo ITSM deals with endpoint security. I’m interested in learning more about how to use Comodo ITSM under Comodo One. I am aware that Comodo One now includes Comodo ITSM. I’m looking for this information because, because to Mr. Melih’s wonderful assistance and funding, I’m ready to launch a promotional giveaway/contest for Comodo ITSM. Since I am not very knowledgeable about it (I just know about CIS, sorry), I decided to look for more details and explanations here so that others who will participate will be better educated about its actual efficacy.

Please excuse me; I realise this is kind of a newbie question, but I honestly don’t know much about this. Think of this as a start-up project.

If I may,

If I have a licence for Comodo ITSM and want to instal, manage, or use it on my devices at home or in a small business I own, I must first register an account and instal the software, am I right? Sorry, all I know about CITSM is this overview and the product information that was supplied to me.

Under Comodo One is Comodo ITSM. Comodo ITSM is listed under “Licensed Application” in the introduction of the Comodo One Administrator Guide ver3.7, which I downloaded.

I’m not sure where to start, but I must create a Comodo One Account. Could this be the right link?

What else will I register, an enterprise or an MSP?

I already registered through the aforementioned link (I realise that it’s MSP as well), but there appears to be a problem with the login as when I was finished with it. With the information I entered with the account, I was unable to properly log in.

Good Sirs, I only have a licence for Comodo ITSM. According to page 157 of the Comodo One Administrator Guide ver3.7, there are two categories. See the illustration below.
It’s true that the Comodo One download link will be provided to your email. Comodo hasn’t sent any emails yet.

I’ve downloaded and am currently reading Comodo ITSM ver6.2’s user guide introduction. There is a “Create an Account” button, but it also states, “After your ITSM administrator has created a user account for you…” In this situation, I am supposed to be the admin, but I haven’t started yet. Therefore, I am unable to locate anything to help kick-start the use of Comodo ITSM there. The user manual for Comodo ITSM contains the text that is quoted below.

Please review the “surmised” procedure I have provided below.

a) Create an account with Comodo One.
b) Put Comodo One in place.
Install Comodo ITSM (don’t know where to find the download link).
d) Create a user account for your user or users in Comodo ITSM.
(Is this right, or will I as the administrator register all of your users’ devices?) Your user(s) should enrol devices.

Or if it’s flawed, kindly explain what the right steps are or ought to be for a start-up like this.
Since I lack expertise in this area, I’m looking for more information on this thread so that when I promote Comodo ITSM, people will know how to set it up and utilise it for IT admin purposes. This next promotion is intended to educate admins about Comodo ITSM’s strengths and superiority to other endpoint security solutions on the market.
I have previously asked for information in this regard, but it’s possible that individuals are overworked and don’t have the time. If you’ll pardon me, this is for the sake of promoting Comodo ITSM. I merely want the correct facts so I can begin the promotion, from a novice position.


Hi Brain011,

Comodo ONE has now developed into COMODO Dragon platform / Xcitium ( which ever it calls itself at the moment ) for COMODO only instances and Itarian for MSP and other requirements.

From your post the Itarian page & forum sounds the better option for you to find out about usage, options, pricing etc

Xcitium Home Page =

Xcitium Forum =

Itarian Home Page =

Itarian Forum for help =