Invalid Email

When i put an email in under User Details it says “please enter a valid email”.

EasyVPN: 1.0.65297.58

Yes, I talked about this symptom here, too…

…and as you can see from my most recent post in that thread, the problem seems to have been repaired…

…only to be replaced by what I suspect is a variant in the form of not being able, at least on MY machine, make EasyVPN remember a single thing about me from system restart to system restart.

Oy. Is EasyVPN going to start working properly in any of our lifetimes? Hmmm?

This problem, commencing with the absolutely most current version of EasyVPN (as of this writing… look at the date) would at least appear to be fixed… though one must jump through some hoops to make it happen… specifically: One must not only uninstall any older version of EasyVPN, but one must, beyond that, ensure that every single file, folder or registry entry which containes the text string “EasyVPN” which may have been leftover after uninstallation, is GONE.

I did this using the most aggressive uninstallation method of the freeware REVO UNINSTALLER; but even after using that, I still had to use the freeware “EVERYTHING” disk file search tool to hunt down any and all files and folders containing the “EasyVPN” text string; and then I used the freeware “RegSeeker” to find any and all registry entries which contained that text string, and then I manually deleted them all.

Then I rebooted.

Then I downloaded and installed that latest, greatest version of EasyVPN…

…and, voila!, it started remembering me.

However, it still does so in a funny way, at least with regard to logging in. There are still problems. But the one talked about in THIS thread, in any case, would appear to be resolved.

I’m working, right now, on a LONG posting in this thread…

 <i>EasyVPN doesn't remember a single thing about me</i>

…wherein I will be posting the details of my testing, and making note of the problems that remain. Please be patient, whomever is reading this, while I finish it, and then you’ll see it there.