Intrusion logging is driving me nuts

I can count each and every intrusion logged by CPW3. When number goes up, i hear HDD writing something. If i disable logging, everything is fine. This direct access is imo not a way to do something like this. There should be a buffer used and when it’s full, CPW3 flushes it to HDD. This way you avoid constant HDD scrubbing which is very annoying and bad for HDD itself.

Hello RejZoR

If you go to “view events” and click more you will find a filter there. I have not tried it but it should work for you to filter out the events you do not want logged.


If you try it let me know how it works.

I have not had this problem and though it has been reported it not usually the case, although I agree with you on the use of a buffer to write logs. you could possibly put in the suggestions

If you are getting that much noise from your HD I would be concened about it.