Introducing Comodo Dome Shield

Introducing Comodo Dome Shield:

Off-premise secure web browsing is now as easy as changing your DNS to Comodo Dome Shield, featuring Comodo Secure DNS, Dome Shield delivers ultimate domain protection with granular controls beyond the secure borders of your local area network!

With Comodo Dome Shield 1.0 we have just released:

Security Profiles:

  • Block Malware, Phising, Botnet and Fraud Sites

Category Profiles:

  • 70+ Categories
  • 15 million + domains
  • Supercategories
  • Custom B/W Lists

Granular Policy Management:

  • IP based Rule Management

Advanced Reporting:

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Comprehensive In-Depth Analytics Engine

Why not give it a shot yourself ? It’s free to try !!!

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