Intranet certificates

I’ve noticed that Comodo offers something called an “Intranet SSL Certificate”, but haven’t found too much information about it. From the name, I assume that it protects a name that is not routable from the general internet, but only from some local intranet.

I had a few questions about this:

  1. How do you decide what’s issueable under this program and what isn’t? I guess “localhost” is but “” isn’t. I seem to recall that there are formal names given to these two groups, anyone know what they are??

  2. How is vetting done for these certificates? I’m guessing that none is, and you’ll just simply sign my CSR that says JoesServer as the CN of the Subject. Is this right?

Hmm yes it would sound like a pointless thing wouldn’t it? I believe it would be for VPN connections or possibly areas of high traffic…i.e. Airports.