right; whats up when i uninstall comodo’s firewall my internet will not work. i have reinstall the app. to connect. does it mess with my winsock or what. does anyone know what i need to reconfigure.

I’ve not heard that this have happened anyone else…
What happens if you right click your internet connection and “repair”?

To fix winsock, there is an app called winsockfixXP or something like that.
You can also use Dial-A-Fix to repair your connection.
Hope this helps.

nope tried all that. had to reinstall comodo to connect. i’ll get board and uninstall comodo in a few days.
i’ll dig into it and post what was broke

When you try it next time, you can try the latest beta.
It’s not really a beta I think, because it’s as stable as the stable version…

Do it simple to avoid problems.
Install with auto.
Scan for know applications.
If you have a router/network, make a trusted zone/network.
Post back any problems here, and see if someone can help you.
Good luck.