Internet won't connect, winsock fix won't run

After uninstalling comodo v3, my internet will no longer work unless the network administrator first removes the WEP key then puts it back on after connecting, which must be done every time the computer is started. I tried to run the winsock fix, but it says that there is an error and it is not a valid win32 application, so it won’t run. I have a windows xp with service pack 2, and I’m trying to use a linksys wireless-g connection. It worked perfectly before the uninstallation of comodo. How can this be fixed?

By the way, this is the post I’m referring to that the fix won’t run for me:

Can anyone help?

G’day and welcome to the forums,

One thing you could try (PLEASE get your network adminstrator to review and undertake these suggestions) is to temporarily delete your wireless network adaptor (not by physically removing it, but by unistalling its software and deleting the object).

Rebooting the PC should force a new device discovery with the devices defaults in place. You should then be able to set up the WEP security (Hint : WPA2 is better - but good to see you are securing the connection) on the interface.

Let me know if this works out.
Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: