Internet Speed


I just spoke to my ISP (Virgin Media) and the guy on their end told me my IP was not showing up on their end when looking up my modem. This is probably down to Comodo being so good and doing what its instructed to do. I’ve stealthed my ports, would this explain why they cannot see my IP and only a mac address on their end?

I’m wired up to a modem, no wireless or file sharing… its a stand alone PC.

Also, the reason why I called them was because my connection has gone really slow. I’m suppose to get 10Mb, but I’m getting 2.5Mb. He said the firewall blocking my IP or whatever when logging on or something might be at fault, could someone advise me please? I’m abit confused.

They can see your adapters MAC address, but not the Internet IP address that they (or rather, their system) allocated you? I’m having real trouble believing that. Of course, CIS may well be blocking some form of diagnostics that Virgin have (check CIS’s firewall log), but that’s no excuse to make stuff up.

Speed problems are a tricky issue. But, I doubt the firewall is responsible for a 5.5Mb loss in speed. Is this a new connection or were you originally getting 10Mb and then it suddenly dropped to 2.5Mb?

Thierry are you on Virgins ADSL service? If so see here.

They have borked their servers and it’s been pathetic at peak times for nearly 6 weeks now. They are losing customers in droves.

kail the guy told me on the phone that their end hasn’t given me an IP but when i check my LAC, theres an IP in their, i repaired it and it still gave the same IP, checked in command, and theirs an IP. Comodo has the submask 255.etc. logged in to active connections.
Regarding speed, I’ve been on 10Mb for about 6 months now.

Luxor I’m not sure if I’m on ADSL, what the guy on the phone told me if that they may of lowered my speed because of how much I’ve downloaded but I haven’t downloaded much so he and I couldn’t understand what was wrong. I downloaded 4 rar files earlyer in the afternoon which total 700MB which is still not enough for them to cut my speed, I didn’t even know about this, I always thought it was unlimited! he told me to take a look at the link >

Thierry are you on a BT line? if so you are on ADSL
If not you will be on Virginmedia’s Cable network.

If you downloaded these files in the afternoon that should not trigger you getting your speeds capped.
It’s their so-called fair usage policy that kicks in to throttle your connection, but that only applies if you are a heavy user at peak times.

Don’t believe anything their tech support tells you at the moment if you are an ADSL customer, Some of the stuff they have been telling customers this past few weeks is quite frankly unbelievable.

I’m on Virgin Media, hooked up via ethernet direct to a modem connected to a wall port down to cables mains. I’ve just done another test and its come up with 2.25Mb, the speeds been cut for nothing. Am I just going to have to wait now? if so, should i tell them not to charge me for this months bill as whats happening is basically breach of the contract and basic terms and cons.

I wouldn’t, if you are being traffic managed they should be able to tell you if that is the case or not. If you’re not it should be sorted out. Though should be and will be are two entirely different things.

Ha-ha good luck with trying that one, they don’t give a monkey’s about that.

just called 150 again, they can’t do anything. their putting it on traffic management, and apperently i’ve triggered it! i’ve downloaded films during the hours that are managed before and not been limited yet today after downloading less than whats required to trigger the limiter, its slowed down. the guys told me to call back tomorrow or after 5hours as thats when the limiter should be lifted.

Yes, based on your Internet IP I suspect that you are indeed on cable. Ethernet and possibly, some other form of DHCP (obtaining your Internet IP). But, if CIS is blocking something that is upsetting Virgin, then if you post a screen shot of your firewall log, then I’m sure we can help unblock that. CIS is probably not fully trusting some aspects of Virgin’s network.

I’m very surprised that you’ve been bandwidth capped without any prior warnings (I thought that was the form in the UK). Do you suspect that Virgin’s inability to… erm… speak the truth (ie. initially telling you something else), has something to do with the capping? If I was you I would ask for everything that has happened to be formally confirmed in writing, including the capping and reasons (important this).

Unfortunately, Luxor’s probably right about Virgin not caring about the contract (from your point of view). Most ISP’s see the contract as something that they hold the user to, not the other way around. Despite appearances and possible verbal assurances, these contracts often have no guarantees of service levels for the user. The users only recourse is often Ofcom (the regulator). But, before you take anything to Ofcom you should ask Virgin if they have Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). If they have ADR and have not made you happy, then ask for it. They’ll really hate that, it brings in an independent (non-Virgin) arbitrator.

PS A 700MB, or 7GB for that matter, download is nothing these days.

right i just done a speed test and my speeds gone back to normal although the meter hit 10 then dropped to 8+ slowly. I done abit of searching on google while at work and i think by what people say, Virgin are currently changing their systems/software to N3 ??? Could this be at fault or shouldn’t it matter.

Virgin capped my speed for the first time yesterday, I’ve downloaded much more on P2P software and not been capped during and off peak hours, why it capped me yesterday I don’t know. Maybe they have improved their “fair usage” policy.

I would have gone into one on the phone but the guy said he can see how much I’ve downloaded each day etc. so I got a bit scared incase they try ■■■■■ me with downloading files from the net. I don’t really need it coming back to haunt me but as its their fault and not mine, I don’t know.