Internet speed became really slow

Can someone help me how do i restore my fast internet speed again?
I just bought this computer and it was really fast especially in video bufferings…
Though I always go to adult sites, i know it could infect my computer…
I cant help it and im just 19… So i guess it’s normal for me since i have my own laptop…jejeje…

Anyway, I already installed COMODO internet security, SUPERantisyware,
COMODO Registry cleaner, i also have Windows One LIVE CARE…
But it’s still really slow especially when loading videos and graphics…
Unlike before…huhuhu… Is it still possible to bring back
my fast-speed internet again??i doesnt have the windows vista cd when
i bought this so i could not reformat it

I plan to purchase an anti-virus online as soon as i get my debitcard
i just applied because i wanted to subcribe as much as any softwares
that could help me recover my internet speed again…
thank you for ur replies…

If you have installed CIS you already have Free Antivirus that comes along with it :slight_smile:
So you can better spend that money on something else… if i was you.

Have you changed any settings for the Firewall part ?
You can start by checking the following, go to Firewall, Advanced, Attack Detection and then Misc.
The only thing checked by default would be “Block Fragmented IP Datagrams”.

Also i will move this post to the CIS help board.

Starting from the perspective that infection(s) are to blame try the following scanners to get rid off the baddies:
a squared Free
Malwarebytes Antimalware
Trial version of Trojan Hunter

And after an upcoming update that fixes issues with the following and promised for this week:
Trial version of Spy Sweeper
Ad Aware

Also try one or two AV programs. Also consider Trend Micro’s online AV scan called House Call.

Cool there,
You can update it using free internet boosters available on net. You can also get to know about your internet speed here . Its as easy as you enter your IP address that you get to know the speed of your connection.