Internet Security has detected a crash! Please tell COMODO about this problem.

“COMODO Internet Security
Internet Security has detected a crash!
Please tell COMODO about this problem.”

After a clean Windows installation including a lot of customization I get such popups shortly after (about every second) start of Windows. The first dump file of the latest Windows installation is of 266 MB. I tried this and that but I don’t know how to handle it. This problem exists for like a year now.

How to read the report file?
How to find the problem?
How to fix it?

Make sure you send the report to Comodo and then post more details about your system here, such as Windows version and build number and version of Comodo for starters. Perhaps a moderator will offer some guidance.

Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Build 19042.867
COMODO Internet Security Premium

this year and last year it was

Windows 10 Pro Version 19H2
COMODO Internet Security Premium

Hi chelpmee,

Thank you for reporting, could you upload the dump file in any online storage and share us the download link via PM for further investigation.

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From my observation this window will keep popping up now and then if there are any .dmp files in the logs directory. I deleted the two I had and it stopped. That of course is only a workaround. It should be possible to send the whole dump via the in-program function and the window shouldn’t pop up again.

Hi chelpmee

Thanks for providing the requested file. Will forward the file to developer for investigation.