Internet Security for Linux


I think a good and easy-to-use firewall or Internet Security tool would be great for Linux. Now the amount of tools are limited and most users has no clue on hopw to set up a good firewall/internet security. Although Linux doesn’t need a firewall at first hand, it can be really handy to have it and i believe that, if Comodo comes with a good solution, that many Linux users will appreciate the efforts of Comodo and start using the Comodo applications.

something like i suggested?

Yes, something like that and also with the option to set ports open or close and permit/deny applications access to the internet. Something like a total firewall package.

i agree with you, if Comodo would be able to accomplish such product for Linux, i would proudly promote their product for free around the Linux Community.

I’m already using Comodo’s software on my HTC-Android, on my Solaris server, my MS windoesnt and Ubuntu linux.

Comodo is doing a great job at digital security, i’m a real Comodo-fan!

Leuk om ook eens een andere Nederlander te horen over Comodo software!
Welke Mint OS gebruik je? Ik ken wel PepperMint OS.

Nog een Nederlander hier…


People would learn a great deal if they read more.

Every other instance of linux being infected as propagated by various “research groups” have failed to disclose how the exploit has been installed. Thus far, only the legitimate ones I know of at the time of writing was a backdoor that does pretty much nothing harmful, and browser-exploits on java, flash, browsers generally and WINE.

hi together,

I can also onyl agree. The COMODO Firewall needs to be ported to Linux (Ubuntu, ubuntu-based Os, Mageia, Fedora, OpenSuse). Therefore we could use something like Firestarter or gufw.

Look here:

or here:

There someone should explane, how to easily set own rules. And what is best: Ubuntu and ubuntu-based OSs have an application for such applications??