Internet Security Extended

I would like to see an new CIS called Comodo Internet Security Extended with builtin Antikeylogger for the following areas of security:

  1. Antikeylogger starting at kernel level
  2. Clipboard protection
  3. Anti Get Text
  4. Keystrokes encryption
  5. Anti Kernel Mode Logger
  6. Webcam and Sound Protection
  7. Screen Protection

Keyloggers are more and more used than ever. From 1 january 2018 until 30 june 2018 Spyshelter Premium blocks 32 times keyloggers and prevented that mine system became an victim of sophisticated hackers and i know how they are working but thanks to the default deny of Comodo mine system is wll secured.

Comodo takes security serious and i ask Comodo now go too an another level of security and layers of protection and implement antikeylogger module to CIS and i know Comodo does an great job to detect keyloggers and prevent them to execute but it feels safer when this is implemented. Now i use two different produts CIS Premium and Spyshelter Premium.

  1. Comodo protect keyloggers;
  2. comodo protect clipboard;
  3. protect;
  4. encrypt keyboard not exist;
  5. protect;
  6. protect;
  7. programs unknow or malicious, capture screenshot if run in containment :-\

Spyshelter fail encrypt keyboard setting default.