Internet Security Essentials (vkise.exe) causes PC to hang....


Is the Internet Security Essentials (vkise.exe) necessary?
I first noticed this module as part of Cloud AV, and I see CIS10 has installed it as well.

When I boot up, as soon as vkise.exe loads, the PC hangs and becomes unresponsive. I’ve managed to get around this by killing the process as soon as it starts, and PC is fine thereafter. Can I remove this from startup? Is it a necessar component when full CIS is installed?


You should report it as bug. If it causes trouble, you can uninstall it (Control Panel > Programs and Features > Internet Security Essentials > Uninstall). It’s not a required component for CIS10 functionality.

More info: Comodo Internet Security Essentials - Introduction, Network Security, SSL Certificate

Why isn’t it removed when CIS is uninstalled?
I was not aware of its presence and I received an alert after CIS removal. I was near to consider it a spyware/trojan/fake av

It’s a separate product. That’s why.
Upon uninstallation, you are informed it’s not removed, if I remember correctly.

Maybe I missed some installation screen, but I don’t remember to have installed this separate product or included it during the installation process.

BTW I’m experiencing similar problems, I’m going to remove it then we’ll see

I wish they’d just tell us what exactly it does, seeing that CIS works fine without it ;;;

It offers protection against man in the middle attacks.


I get the feeling that you’re not satisfied with the answer. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want to test it, you can install Fiddler since it makes use of an intermediate certificate.

You will be protected from man in the middle attacks on websites where you use sensitive information to do banking or online shopping [b]for Free[/b]. Main features of this product can be stated as :

• Root certificate check. :-TU
• Alert when suspicious root cert is detected. :-TU
• Https website detection and tracking. :-TU

BTW I was wrong: the last CIS removal screen informs you that this software is still present.

That’s good to know. Luckily, memory did not fail me. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Had a similar problem today when I updated Comodo Firewall to ver 10.

On the post install boot, I got a request asking to allow two apps (vkise.exe was one, cant remember the other but definitely related to Internet Security Essentials) Internet Access.

I noticed that both these were Comodo apps but didnt know what it did so I denied it access with the idea that I would visit the forums and see what it does first.

My blocking it apparently “offended” the app to the point that my Internet access was totally stopped and my system hung requiring a hard reset - something I have not done in many, many years.

I had to finally uninstall it ( I didnt even want it to begin with!) and the problem disappeared.

I just dont understand WHY Comodo installs these new “apps/features” without even so much as a “Would you like this to try out this new feature?” option. :frowning:

It would be nice if they at least asked prior to install. I dont recall seeing any such info during the update.

When the updater asked me whether to install man-in-the-middle-protection, I opted to not install it (in the checkbox) and pressed the Skip button. Fact is, ISE was installed against my wish. Maybe to prevent installation, I would have had to press “Continue” instead of “Skip”?

Dear Comodo, that ISE was installed was a surprise, and user’s don’t like such surprises, especially in the context of security decisions. Design for the least surprise. Either let me press a button (Skip, if you will), or let me use a checkbox. But once there is a checkbox, don’t ignore it.

i can not remove it on windows xp. clicking remove does nothing to it. it stays there.

You need to reboot to complete uninstall as the ISE processes are still running in memory.

When i click on remove it blinks as if a windows is open and thenclosed. However all files are still there. i reboot after that and it is stll here and running. there is no explanaiton if one can simply kill it and delete the files.

I had to remove comodo 10. it just caused so many issues. this is after about 11 years usign the product.

i replaced it with (probably inferior) Zone Alarm. but then again at least i can boot into the OS (impossible to boot into XP using Comodo 10 which causes issues even after complete reinstall + i am no longer able to run minecraft with comodo on). with all that is happening i think i will need to go linux for browsing and just keep xp for games.

in the mean time i will follow the happenings with Comodo. it used to be an app i suggested to a lot of people. butlately i had first issue on Win7 (solved that by reinstall) and now with XP (where it won’t boot, crashes explorer.exe and tab etc. - wrote about it in my other thread).

You can grab the ISE installer from here and see if it gives you the option to uninstall, if it doesn’t then you can use it to install over your existing ISE install then use add/remove programs to uninstall.