Internet Security Essentials v1.3.438464.135 - RC (Hotfix)

Hi All,
On top of last released v133, we are releasing following hotfix version of Internet Security Essentials v1.3.438464.135 - RC (Hotfix) on test server:

In order to test, you need to have following entries in hosts (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file while updating from older versions:


  • In some rare situations it could cause crash in Firefox

Size: 3.92 MB (4,114,960 bytes)
MD5: 4e2a1df5f4dcad15f3ea40033a30d0c9
SHA-1: b86d09a657546fa6ff0f8ea471f8bb4a49931934

After ensuring you have suggested hosts entries for test server, you can run updater and it should update to v135.

Please check it out and share your feedback…


Have been running ISE.135 - RC on my system since yesterday and havent seen any Firefox crashes so far.
(I cant say that i have experienxe any firefox crashes before this RC release.)

Firefox 58

Same as BlueTesta

Running FF Quantum 58 on WIn10 1709 (16299.192)

Also on Win7 SP1 with FF 56