Internet Security Essentials v1.3.436779.133 - RC

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Internet Security Essentials v1.3.436779.133 - RC on test server:

You need to have following entries in hosts (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file while updating from older versions:


  • It has manual updater now. Please see enclosed snapshot. Now when you click on “?” icon on title, it exposes three sub menus including one for manual updater.
  • There is also checkbox option for auto installing program updates. Like CIS and CCAV, ISE may also auto install updates in critical situations and will ask for system re-start.
  • It should not alert for know security software installed certificates. e.g. you should not see alert for Fiddler. We had such support earlier also, but had some bugs and alert could still be shown.
  • Fixed elevated privilege issue as reported here.

Size: 3.92 MB (4,113,672 bytes)
MD5: 66FF66CCA46E47BCCE4470363DF60DC8
SHA-1: 778A01995FD34F283529E0E91DDAB0D1C23627E1

In order to test updater functionality, you can download and install following v131:

and after ensuring you have suggested hosts entries for test server, you can run updater and it should update to v133.

Now we have dedicated product page for it as well:

Please check it out and share your feedback…


Where is enclosed snapshot ?
Where can i find the icon/title for clicking ? (it is started as a service )… :embarassed:

Open it from the Start Menu, then as below:

Installed the Tester first and rebooted. The system took at least 4 - 5 minutes to reach the Desktop

Updated, rebooted again and start time back to normal 12 - 15 to Desktop

Running well and nothing untoward

You can find entry for GUI in “All Programs → Comodo → Internet Security Essentials”.
It runs as a service.

Nice, however i cant find that webpage when i enter
ISE should be added to the Personal tab.

Yes, in works.

UI Feedback Minor

During the ISE install you can enable or disable: Send anonymous program usage.
The option inside the interface when installed dont exist.


isestart blocked by HIPS during installation.
I hope, nothing to worry about?

May you please export and share your active CIS configuration?


Win 8.1 x64, manual installation

Hi Volum,
Thanks for this. We see this behavior in previous ISE and CIS combinations also.

I will get back on reasons about this.


Hi All,
This is released in production for new installations.


hi umesh,
i couldnt see ISE UI till now, is following installation is correct?, i never received any alert from ISE is this usual coz i cant even see UI.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Internet Security Essentials\vkise.exe
windows 8.1 x64
CIS 6408.

You should be able to access from “All Programs–>Comodo -->Internet Security Essentials” menu.

thank you umesh,
i was always clicking on vkise.exe, now from “all programs” i can access the UI .

Very smooth and efficient update to 1.3.438464.135

Thanks, it’s a new version will be announcing soon as RC.

Here is the announcement:

Please check out and share your feedback.