Internet Security Essentials - v1.2.422025.92 - RC

Hi All,
Following is latest version of Internet Security Essentials v1.2.422025.92, that we plan to release later today or max by tomorrow.


  • In previous release of v88. There was a bug, where upon fresh installation of ISE, unless you re-start system, some of https sites could not be browsed. This version fixes that problem.

We have made this RC version available on following test server:
You need to have following entries in hosts (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file:

then you could test by directly installing following latest Internet Security Essentials v92:
Size: 3.92 MB (4,113,960 bytes)
SHA-1: 53f6a674ddba894c78f3681f41c1e642fc334481

alternatively, you can install last released Comodo Cloud Antivirus (v537) that installs ISE as well and it will bring ISE version from test server as well:
Size: 8.94 MB (9,382,376 bytes)
SHA-1: 458daa4dcdf8227069831e8342eb41689a6e5344

Please check it out and provide your feedback.


Tested Release Candidate on my machine. Tested with Firefox, Edge, Chrome and IE 11. After initial install, prompted to update ISE which then had pop-up telling me to restart my device. Tested a number of secure pages without any issue both before and after re-start. No error log entries in Windows logs.

All good at this end,


We have released v92 in production:

Thank you