Internet Security Essentials asks for update (although being uninstalled)

Hi all,

I’m using Comodo IS Suite v_10.0.1.6223 on Windows 7 Home 64-bit.

A couple of Months ago, I uninstalled “Internet Security Essentials” (ISE) off the Suite.

Now, since a Week or so, ISE asks me for an urgent update to follow (see image attached).

To my surprise, vkise.exe is still residing on the hard disk (even after Uninstall of ISE), at path C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Internet Security Essentials. The Folder’s size, incl. vkise.exe, is 7.5MByte.

I think I still don’t want the ISE Feature. Therefore, I did uninstall it.

But why do I get still ISE update prompts? And why is the ISE Folder (or remnants of it) still here?

Thank you for advice - on what I’m supposed to do.


I have to correct myself.

I posted rather nonsense. Comodo ISE is still installed.

Guess I did uninstall another element of the CIS Suite recently, maybe Geek Buddy. I don’t remember. So, twice my error.

But I have a wish towards Developers.

How about naming all CIS elements consistently, so they appear together as Entries within Windows Uninstall environment.

Actually, in Windows Uninstall GUI, you see “Comodo Internet Security”, with NO Icon, ordered by “C”, and you see another Entry named “Internet Security Essentials”, with Icon, ordered by “I”. Such Nomination inconsistency helps creating Mess.