Internet Protection Failed !

Hello Comodo Team

please have a look at this hijack webpage that is fake and trick the novice user to install malware…
also could the Comodo Dragon add a protection against these types of attacks ?!

Thank You Comodo Team


NOVICE Users please be advice to NOT go to this page !

I broke the url to protect inexperienced and other impulsive users. Eric

The current Comodo Dragon shows this page as red/not secure.

you can use comodo dns or other browser addons for this type of protection like netcraft ublock adguard etc

Ublock doesn’t block, popup blocker not blocking…
ie 11 is worst.

Try copy-paste directly into web browser.

Thanks for quick response.

I had to use task manager to kill the tab’s process. This is a bit of a nasty page. Clicking anywhere in the browser will make the browser go full screen. Even trying to close the tab will fail.

I edited the topic start and broke the url so it can no longer be clicked.

Ro.edi. Next time when posting a link to a dangerous web site please break the url. We usually change the http part to hxxp.

Thanks EricJH.
That will be the point, could Comodo Team implementing a protection, 0-day for rising of web kind of type’s
like the one above.
Some web links are not discovered and reported.