Internet Problem [RESOLVED]

My internet has been ■■■■■■ and I’ve contact my ISP and they can’t seem to fix it. In I get 15mbps+ but when I download from sites I only get 50kbps below and I’m getting high pings. My ISP tried to transfer me to another port and server but it can’t be fixed. One of the tech guy says it might be a security issue. So any ideas?

What Security software do you have running?


Maybe it’s limited to those sites (i.e. they have really ■■■■■■ upload speeds).

Any change in Safe Mode with Networking?

I’m using comodo firewall, spyware doctor and comodoBO. I also tried using the winxp firewall alone and for some reason it’s the same thing. I’m talking about sites like nvidia, fileplanet(I have a paid account) and other good sites. I really don’t know whats going… this might sound paranoid or crazy but could someone be screwing me?

& your ISP has done nothing about it?

hmmmm… This sounds tricky.


My ISP transfered my to another port and server but that didn’t help at all.

Contact them again. Sometimes, you need to be persistent. I know, It’s a pain… Been through it before.


It’s not my computer right? I reformat my comp just to even check it out but it’s still the same. This is my paranoia running but am I being hack by any chance? Or is someone screwing me?

Here is my latest speedtest result

Several things to check;

If you run speedtest to several different servers in the same vicinity as the one you posted the screenshot from, do you get similar speeds?

If, from a command line, you ping different servers around the world, do you get noticeably higher response times from any one particular geographic region?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Couple of things to do. Go to Broadband Tweaks forum | DSLReports, ISP Information and run a tweak test to test your network parameter setup. There are instructions there on how to test and how to change things if necessary. Also run a speed test at a site like to test for network congestion and other common problems. Look at the notes to see what your link is doing.

This statement here almost strikes out the possibility of a software issue (unless you’ve configured things exactly the same way you did before with your programs).

My normal speed info is 4mbps for download and 800kbps for upload and my latency is around 150 to 170.

I tried the other near by servers and I’m getting 8mbps to 25mbps+ and 250 to even 999 ping. The thing is when the test starts for download in 1 sec it’s done showing some crazy results.

Well I never really did any tweaking before cause this is the 1st time I encountered this stuff and I’m not even a techy person ><.

Well before I ran the test I already installed the security updates for windows. Should I do the test before I do any of the updates?

That’s fine. Windows Updates shouldn’t affect your download speeds, at least not like this. Based on the info so far, it doesn’t feel like there is any security related factor like malware, etc. causing this because of the reformat. Even the Safe Mode with Networking suggestion above was enough rule out this reason. If you still think it’s a software issue, have you tried a different browser?

As far as hardware - check your equipment like modem or bypass your router if you have one. When did you noticed this weirdness happened?

Well it looks like there were 2 reasons behind the problem. Number 1 was my ISP is having problems and AVIRA premium. I installed that and my ISP did a reset or whatever they call it and I got my speed back but too bad my ping is not yet fixed. Thanks for all those who tried to figure it out :BNC

nevermind…(hey i tried to figure it out too ;D )

Hmm…after you reformatted and installed Windows Updates, there was no mentioning that you installed other security programs, so of course we didn’t examine this area…anyway, at least it’s resolved. We’ll leave this topic open in case you still want to figure out the ping problem, otherwise it’ll be closed.

The thought matters - unfortunately, you did not post your thoughts so it’s worth nothing. Sorry.

I never really noticed I got avira premium installed thats why I never mentioned any securityy apps.

Ah so the root problem was your ISP. Now that we can’t help (:LGH)

Actually it was both. The new avira premium cause the slow down as well so I’m now using the free version.

First I’ve seen of that. Maybe Ganda can finally answer this since he uses Avira