Internet Not Working After Uninstall

Hi, My english is bad,I hope you can understand what I mean

After I uninstall COMODO Internet Security (

My Internet is not working, I can’t connect to the internet with Static IP or Dynamic IP

And my WAN Miniport have yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager

(I try to fix it by myself, but my WAN Miniport can’t uninstall )

So I choose to use System Restore in Win8.1 , back to the point before i uninstall COMODO

Then I can connect to the internet with Static IP or Dynamic IP after I restore…

But internet speed become very slow and can’t use some app… so i choose uninstall COMDO again…and things repeat again

I guess maybe something wrong with oem8.inf (I attach it as txt)

Can anyone help me Thanks!

Hello cycisme,

Thank you for reporting.
There is an uninstall problem in the stable version v12.1.0.6914 and it’s fixed the Beta versions so could you please use the latest Comodo Uninstaller Tool (Select upon your windows bit) for the clean Uninstall of the CIS and check.If it still persist’s Please let me know.

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Thank you for your help

But I found a solution

  1. Locate all miniports in the Device Manager under network adapters. (IKEv2, IP, IPv6 etc)

  2. Right click on each miniport with yellow exclamation mark, then “Update Driver Software” → “Browse my computer” → “Let me pick driver from a list” → uncheck “Show compatible hardware” and wait for drivers listing generation…Then pick the first “Microsoft” drivers listed [BlueTooth Personal], and ignore warnings.The broken and undeletable miniport will then become a fake bluetooth card, which you will be able to delete.

  3. Repeat point 3 for all miniports.

  4. Reboot the system.

Solved the issue for me!

FYI if anyone have same Error 720 WAN Miniport problem

Forgive me if someone already answered this. You may need to go into the network and sharing settings, then to the adapter settings and then to the network adapter you use to connect to the interwebs. And finally, uninstall comodo’s firewall driver from the network adapter settings.

@ cycisme :-TU.

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