Internet not working after install

Have had a problem after installing CIS and doing the required restart after update, of loosing internet connection on web browsers. I have windows 8.1 and internet works fine before install, yet after install i have internet only for the windows marketplace and chat (and by chat i mean geek buddy, which didnt help me one bit, since i dont have the geek buddy service). I have created a restore point, just after cis uninstall and then reboot to safe mode to uninstall further with cis removal tool. Once i uninstall, internet works again after reboot. I do not understand what is causing the problem. I have used malwarebytes, and advanced system care, and comodo antivirus to check for infections, yet nothings comes up. I do the system restore normally after all else fails, and cant get internet back. And when i do that the only thing that stands out is “comodo (netservice) driver 04/15/2014 6.2.8161.0 (oem99.inf)” will be deleted after restore. Please give me direction, already done everything i could with same results.

Please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this topic and let me know if it fixes this. Be sure to check after running the removal tool and make sure that the Firewall driver has been removed as well before trying to reinstall.


Alright thank you for the reply. Had been busy, and the few moments i could re-read. Well i tried the solutions, and it seems i have figured something out. After my first Scan, CIS quarantined a file under C:\Windows\SysWow64\plsapp.dll And internet was out as soon as it quarantined… I restored it, then internet came back. Malware Name: ApplicUnwnt@#369llax65aaah Company Sendori. I have saved the file on a different folder, for troubleshooting purposes, then deleting it on safe mode, and shredding it from C:\Windows\SysWow64\plsapp.dll , yet internet would be lost after reboot. I needed to put the file back, in order to get the internet working again. I have been reading some info, but no solid advice, what do you recommend?

Please upload that file to VirusTotal. Then, after the analysis has finished, post a link in your next reply to the results.

The results of that analysis will give me a better idea of how to proceed.


This is the direct link. Didnt want to copy and paste everything, since dont know what you were looking for.

The results seem to show that this file is Adware, but not likely too dangerous. However, personally I wouldn’t want it on my computer.

What happens if you run the network diagnostics after removing it. Is that able to get the internet working again?