Internet Explorer won't work after uninstall of Comodo AV

Comodo Anti Virus would not update. Checked help blogs here and followed steps to uninstall old version. Did standard uninstall through Windows XP Control Panel. Reboot computer. Now it won’t let Internet Explorer connect even though I have a perfect wireless connection. Keep getting start-up error message “Error while loading resources from C:/Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.dll. Aborting application.” Now I can’t even go on line to do anything. The wireless connection is fine. I’m using the same wireless on another computer in the same room to post this message. Obviously something got corrupted but I can’t find it.

The uninstall file for comodo is simply full of fail.

Your best bet will be to download Revo Uninstaller. It’s the only thing I’ve found capable of eliminating all traces of Comodo.

That would be all well and good but I can’t get on the internet. At all!

I’d suggest a run to your friends house to use their system to download/transfer.

Otherwise you have to go through the VERY VERY VERY PAINFUL method of deleting EVERY registry entry for comodo. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of them. You can find the information in this thread

But it’s absolutely painful trying to figure it out since that post has not been updated and many of the entries don’t exist in newer versions, or are in different locations.

Edit: Oops, wrong thread first time, and second time. Man I am missing the mark.

Or try this clean up tool. That should do the trick.

Let us know how things go.