Internet Explorer closing suddenly

I just downloaded the firewall and I am not at all computer savy! I tried to read your stuff but I am lost! I really don’t have time to get to deep into this my elderly mother 83 is sick and I have to take care of her and my daughter is in the Army and I have a lot of responsibility regarding that.

Can you answer a simple question for me regarding my internet explorer just closing all of a sudden now! I have windows XP Dell E310 if that helps. I used to have zone alarm but found out on our local internet advisor radio website about this firewall.

I am completely self-taught and never had time to under stand all the jargon!

What can I do about this problem? Does it have something to do with the level of security that is set?

Hi nettiemich and welcome to the forums
Are there any error messages or does it just close. I have seen this problem reported on other forums. Some of the fixes they suggest are quite technical.
ZA is a product that is very hard to remove all traces of.
Have you run an anti virus and spyware check.
You could try firefox browser and see if it has the same problem.

Not much help eh!
Hang in there, someone else might have some better ideas.

How did you know ZoneAlarm was involved? ;D

I agree with sullo in the malware detection solution.

HaHaHa! :smiley:
Bloody thing seems to pop up everywhere doesn’t it.

The event viewer might show an application error for ie that could help point in the right direction. Event Viewer is located in Control Panel under Administrative Tools. Click on Application in the left panel and scroll through list in the right panel looking for errors.

I am completely self-taught and never had time to under stand all the jargon!
Teaching yourself is one of the better ways to get familiar with your system. Forget the jargon, retain what's important to you. One of the best weapons for problem solving is a good search engine, the other is forums like this.
What can I do about this problem?
Sometimes they can be solved quite quickly. When these problems occur we sit back and take a deep breath and think "what was I doing before this occured". Did I uninstall or install new software including new explorer toolbars etc. Did I change any IE settings. Was it updated just before, some win updates can cause problems on certain setups.
Does it have something to do with the level of security that is set?
If you still have it at default settings I would not think so. Both Firefox (my default browser) and IE work fine on mine. Start with the antivirus and anti spyware scans. I would suggest you run, at least, 2 different anti-spyware scanners. One might pick up something the other missed. Sorry about being so long winded, nobody listens to me at home. Keep us posted. (CNY)

Ensure your Windows is updated. Those patches can keep your system more secure as well.

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Good one Soya
You might have to give me lessons on forum search tool. Sometimes I get relevant threads sometimes nada. I did a forum search on IE and Internet Explorer and couldn’t find that thread so did a google.
I did a search for something while reading a post, got nothing, went back to the forum index, did the search again and got 70 something pages. Coulda cut my posts down to one little link eh :slight_smile:
Since I sorta retired from comp retail (I know, we’re about as pop as car salesmen) I have built and supported a few systems for friends, get a call about a problem, check the system out, find it unpatched and usually full of spyware etc. One had over 100 pieces of spyware and 2 trojans, it was a wonder the thing even booted up.
You explain to them, You must keep all your ms products and anti vir etc updated, either by auto updates or other means, seems to go in one ear and out the other. I personally don’t use auto update but keep abreast of the ms sec bulletins and use belarc advisor.

The search engine has gone haywire since the forum outage I think. One tip is to click on the search title topics only; that works 95% of the time. Actually, that thread I linked was just by chance that I found.

I agree that not all MS updates are needed, but for the non-techs it’s better safe than sorry sometimes. I don’t auto-update either; I manually update about once a month:,3915.msg50135.html#msg50135

I agree
The majority of users are better off with auto updates on.

Since you have not stated what version of Internet Explorer you are using ,my guess would be IE 7. That would be your problem right there. As IE 7 is very unstable ! Plus what are you running XP , Vista . If XP just go back to IE 6 . You can do this by going to Add/Remove Programs , MAKE sure Show Updates is checked on the top. Remove IE7 and you will be back to IE6 . Hope this helped you out. For I have learned the hard way with IE 7 and went back to IE6 .

                                                            PS - Hope things go well for your Mom :)