Internet Explorer cache overflow, will CMF help to prevent it?

This may be a dumb question, but will CMF help prevent Internet Explorer cache overflows? I regularly clear out my temporary internet files, and remove the contents of all the files in contient.ie5, but I would love to know if there is a way to prevent the overflow from happening, in the first place.

For the record,Ii use IE7 (well, typically, like now, I use Firefox, but I also, on occasion use IE7). I set the allowed space for the temp files at 80MB.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Hi Dean,

First that are no such thing as “dumb question(s)”.
It is more silly not to ask and then never know (:WIN)

This Software is not about files and file’s cache.

In popular - this is about how executable(s) runs in memory, how the code of a particular program is organized, how malware can exploit allocation of a buffer (memory peace) by that executable…etc. which may cause bad things like crashes and another erratic behaviors (as they call it) of your system.

That is what CMF guards and prevents.

You may read a bit more in threads (this section of the Forum), you may Google something like “what is buffer overflow” or DEP (Data Execution Prevention).
CMF is a Software DEP. If you have contemporary computer you should have option in BIOS to strengthen your protection and set it “Yes”/“True” engaging hardware guarding as well.

Hope that helped.
Do not hesitate to ask.
There are many Gurus here (I am not :)… I’m just here )

My regards

Cheers :■■■■ (only one ■■■■! because you are going to study (:WIN) )

Forgot to give you a reference where you can get the Software to check hardware DEP availability
Sure there are other great stuff at that site concerning security issues

Thanks, SiberL.

Yeah, I didn’t think they were related, but I wasn’t sure. I have a (very) cursory understanding of buffer overflows, but no idea what causes the cache overflow (although I am going to check that out later today).

Appreciate the advice, too.

CleanCache freeware will help you clean out your IE cache.


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