Internet Connection Sharing Win 7 32 Bit

I try to set up Internet Connection Sharing Win 7 32 Bit. It does not work. I googled for hours, tried the Learning Mode. But the only thing that helps is to disable the Comodo Firewall. I do not understand - it is such a common problem but there is no easy fix - or a fix at all?

I have Comodo the latest version.

So what I did in the end. I went to Firewall → Network Security Policy and deleted there the svchost entry. It was not possible to modify it so that the ICS would have worked. At next logon from the remote computer the entry was created in a way so that the ICS works. :-TU

But here is one step missing. First I created a Predefined Policy let us call it ICS. Take Web Browser as sample “Copy From”. Then I entered Action ALLOW Protocol UDP Direction IN/OUT and at the Source Address, etc. enter what makes this connection secure for you. Move this rule up so that it is not after the red blocker.

And this ICS Policy I selected when I was asked how to treat this connection (where you can select Web Browser, etc.) when you get asked what you should do with svchost when it tries to connect.