Internet Connection Lost After Install

I have just installed the latest version of Comodo Firewall on an XP Pro machine with an onboard Markel LAN. When the computer boots there are 2 computer icons in the system tray that says I have little or no connectivity.

I have read previous posts on the forum and have tried inactivating Advanced Behavior Analysis under Security settings and have unchecked everything else I could find that could interfere.

Completely closing out of Comodo also does not help and I am unable to repair the connection.

I really like the firewall and need to find a new one as my Sygate firewall is OK but getting pretty old. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Bump. I don’t know the answer. But, I did move your topic. I’m posting this so you can find it again. We’re under orders not to leave posts in that top level. So, I couldn’t leave a redirection post. Sorry.

Try to repair your connection with Dial-a-fix. It’s really a good program, and it’s free.
Go to and scroll down, to find the download link.

Perhaps I should have been more clear, the internet connection is only lost after the Comodo install, I can bring it back by uninstalling Comodo and restoring to the previous point.

Also, I do not believe I am being “attacked” as I normally do not have issues plus am behind a hardware firewall (router) as well.

I have to ask, since you say that you are behind a router. Have you made a trusted zone in Comodo?

No I haven’t. I looked at those settings, but wasn’t sure how to set them up. Are there certain ports that have to be opened?

When I installed Comodo on my laptop I did not have the connection issue, although it was a wireless connection. Since my desktop connection is wired through the router is there a different setup procedure?


Open CPF and go to security/tasks.
At the bottom you have “Define a new trusted network”. Click on it.
Now CPF should know what network card you use, and will display the ports that it uses.
The ports could look like -
I have made my router to give my computers in the network static addresses, so i’m able to have less ports in my zone. It’s no problem to use the suggested ports though.
You can name your zone if you want. Just go through the wizard.
Do the same on the other computers if you have CPF installed on them.
After you will see two new rules in Network monitor at the top of the list.
You can use your zone in source or destination when/if you make new rules.

hi… does the message in you’r system tray say ( limited or no connectivity). i had this same problem and was able to fix it. i was getting it for two reasons. the first was a problem with service pack 2 i had to download a patch from the microsoft site to correct it. the second was because im on AOL. i had to download another patch from them due to a connection issue with XP.SP2. by any chance are you using AOL as you’r ISP?