I already did :wink: It’s a fast, slim browser, that has some unique features. And supports FireFoxe’s add-ons :-TU
But it’s still a clone of FireFox and I hate this fact. So I kept my Opera :slight_smile:

Cool Commodus, but at least you admit that is fast, main point, Opera is cool I also used it way back when…
Xman :-TU

It felt as fast as Safari. But I think mainly because both Safari and Orca weren’t scanned by my antivirus. ;D

Which AV You have?

That’s probably Why lol jk jk…

But being serious…
Safari and Orca Doesn’t Have the “Over Bloated Security Features and doesn’t try to be fast … it’s just plainly is fast…”

I have no clue what i just said but it sounded cool and true…


HE!!O Guys (:WAV)

Which do you think is the Best Internet Browser?



And please guys let’s not argue over this stuff and keep within the Forum Policy:


We already have several browser threads 88):

Using Orca browser v1.1 alpha3 and patiently awaiting final, great browser, very fast with good security & integrated download manager, it’ll be interesting, Avant browser developed type browser but Firefox driven engine
Cheers all :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

:o how did you find them? kewl! :-TU i’m gonna merge them all. that should compact the OT board :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, i updated to Firefox 3, the skin/style (whatever the term is) look fresh, but everytime i type a keyword, it shows everything from my bookmark,annoying >:(

and i tried several times to upgrade my IE 6 to IE7, but after rebooting, i can’t use my comp. i need to reboot in safe mode & use system restore >:(

Welcome to the status of mod I see. :■■■■

For general surfing I’m using Opera 9.52 it’s very secure,fast and a pleasure to use.
For multimedia downloads and related tasks I use Firefox 3,it’s so configurable with awesome add-ons.

He has a long way to go. I don’t know how many times I’ve introduced him to our friend.

In FF type “about:config” into your url bar. Scroll down to “Browser.urlBar.matchOnlyTyped” and change the value from “false” to “true”. This will give you only the items that you type in the urlbar.


Type without the quotes

I love Opera, but its compatibility is really bad. But it’s actually the websites’ fault, I read that Opera is the best browser to follow standards. There are several websites I can’t get to work, and I can’t get Windows Media to work. All this does matter, but not to the extent that I’m chosing something else. Firefox is great but I won’t give up Opera. So fast, so much space on the screen (because I can hide more in Opera than in Firefox), so incredibly small: 7-8 MB including the profile. Don’t remember what Firefox 3 used, I think it was 60+ MB…



You can mask Opera as IE or Firefox. Also, what sites don’t WM work on?

Remember the Swedish radio site we once discussed? (“Lyssna på webbradio” at the top)

I don’t have the Firefox WM plugin now, but I couldn’t get the radio to work last time we tried. I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble trying to resolve it. Although it would be nice listening to radio once in a while. :-\


cool! :-TU (:HUG)
more questions, i can’t use FDM (free download manager) anymore since upgraded to FF3. no good >:(

I was wondering, Is opera worth a try? and if so what are the benefits over firefox?

Smaller, better memory managment, faster (for some people), more comfortable (for some people), better looking (for some people).

Try it, if your browsing needs are not very extraordinary - Opera is just fine for day to day surfing :wink: Aussies do like surfing right ? ;D

Thanks :slight_smile: running Opera now… it’s very “Smooth” :-TU Are their any add-ons for opera? cause I see a thing for widegets but they seem more just for fun? :S

I don’t know. I’m using a weather widget only 88) Sure, FireFox has many more useful add-ons than Opera, but it runs slower because of them. Still, Opera is all what I need and much more. :-TU I like it the best :slight_smile: