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Ah, finally i got your message! (:WIN)

PC World -

Can you make Comodo forum in SLovenian language (Slovenia) like other languages?

Greetings from Slovenia, Emil



I’m a korean user.

I have some questions.

  1. Where is forum board I can submit korean language files for CIS 4 ?

I recently have finished traslating eglish version into korean.

  1. I found out in other languages that Some words do not be translated into their languages. e.x) Antiviurs, Defense+, Sandbox Except Firewall.

Are there rules that I have to abide by before submitting korean language files ?

Korean netizens say Antivirus as VaireosVaeksin(바이러스백신) in korean and as Antivaireos(안티바이러스) in pronounciation.

I hope that these words(Antivirus) be translated as 바이러스백신 than Antivirus or 안티바이러스 for all of korean users.

Above all, Newbies are not famillar with technological words as like firewall software.

Now Korean language files for CIS 4 have been reviewed at this site.

  1. CIS has some items which can be changed not by language files but by only registry modifications.
    So I have provided registry file that can be modified english dropdown menu since cis 3.10.X released.

I hope that dropdown menu itmes be included in *.eglish.template files.

Please let me know about these questions

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey Softwant. See this thread:

Where Arabic Language Forum :frowning:

mod edit: [MOVE] tags removed for better reading. kail

Hi halodz, welcome to the forums.

We don’t seem to have one currently.

I cannot post to the Arabic Forum , why is that ?

Should be alright now.

Please try again.


Thank You Dennis so very much, Yes it’s all ok right now,

where is TAMIL forum
tell me please…
:slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: