Internal Testing

Hi Guys
This may be a silly question but have you ever done any internal testing and compared CIS to Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Bitdefender etc. The reason I ask this is that I cant find a lot of information on CIS as a suite. I do however see people saying that the AV component from Comodo isn’t up to scratch. What these people don’t understand is that CIS is a package not just an AV. I don’t see any true tests where the complete suites are compared not just the AV component. I also understand that the internal testing could be somewhat biased but I would like to see Comodo do this unbiased and I guess only Melih can authorise such a test.

Looking forward to you comments.

PS after being away from CIS I am now back and am very impressed with the progress. Only had 1 issue and that was the notification panel would close - just did a log out and log in and now all is ok.

Its Friday morning here in Australia and in a few hours it will be ■■■■ o’clock. Have a good weekend all and stay safe.

Hi shadha ,

I would love to recommend you, ask the NSA , CIA (!?) what is the best !!! >:-D

If really the real protection would be tested, CIS and other Comodo Products would be quite, very far ahead . But all the famous tests are mainly designed for the BIG Illusion called Detection .
What makes CIS better than other software can you see at Youtube . As example , search for videos made by “Cruel Sister” .

Greetz from Germany to Australia !!! Have also a nice weekend and stay safe too !!! :wink:

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Doesn’t everyone do that already? Not worth the time. Component comparison/testing is better, more productive… it’s just that most are not experienced enough… they end up with detection ratio comparison.