Internal error encountered while logging in: 47

Hi, all,

I thought I’d have time to migrate from Dropbox to cCloud this weekend, but I’m having trouble with the desktop client (v3.0.7.17 on Windows 7). When I enter my username and password the window disappears for a short while, and then comes back with the message “Internal error encountered while logging in: 47”. An earlier version did work (I can’t remember which - around December) without any problems. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing with no success. Does anyone have any ideas what might be the problem?


Wow, this is a really active forum … not. Doesn’t anyone from Comodo monitor the threads? I’m not impressed with the service from a company that wants to sell me more storage. I’d love to move from Dropbox, but Comodo isn’t going out of its way to make it my choice - OwnCloud will probably get my business.

Hi My name,
I am sorry that no-one has answered for your issue.
Please understand that this is a ‘Community based’ forum and replies will only occur if someone has an idea of how to help with the issue.

You could try a Comodo support ticket.
Comodo Ticket Support

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