Intermittent RDP on Win7


I am running CIS 4.1 Free edition on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit build.

The problem I am seeing is intermittent RDP access to this computer. I have setup my network security policy to be fully accessible from the subnet which I am on. When I try to RDP from one computer on my network to this particular W7 computer sometimes I go straight through in terms of RDP connection, and other times it takes 3 or 4 attempts. There are also times where I successfully connect, and then the RDP session freezes and I forced to close the connection.

The built in windows firewall is disabled and therefore doesn’t or shouldn’t be an issue in this case.

I don’t see the need to setup a firewall exception as my network security policy is set to be fully accessible for my subnet. However if my thinking is wrong please let me know.

This is becoming frustrating and so help in this regard would be appreciated.