interface not showing


I just installed the latest version of CAV. When right clicking the tray icon and clicking “show Comodo Antivirus”, the interface will not appear. All I get is a quick hourglass indication of the cursor, but no interface. Has this problem happened to anyone else or is there a solution?

I have the same problem with anti-virus. The user interface does not pop up and I cannot manually scan anything by right clicking on a file in explorer and selecting “scan with comodo anti-virus”. Nothing happens.

The anti-spam never catches a thing either. I still get loads of spam and nothing appears in the quarantine database.

I have installed the firewall, anti-malware, anti-virus, anti-spam, i-vault, and a digital certificate.
I like the firewall. I has passed many leaktests and security tests with flying colors. The BO_clean anti-malware has also proved useful and removed a trojan from my machine that was giving me headaches.

Hey there, sorry about the problems you’re having here.

I’ve never experienced this myself but this work around was posted by another user recently and it might work for you. Here’s the link.

If not, please stick around with Comodo as they have some very interesting things up their sleeves for the future in terms of computer security. Hope that fix works for you.


try <ALT+space> after you click the taskbar icon. It might help
if this is the case, renaming psapi.dll in the comodo folder to something like psapi.dllold should bring up the interface when you click the tray icon to “show Comodo Antivirus”