Interface Issues.

First, thanks for providing a great firewall for free. I really appreciate it; it can be set up to do a basic job simply, or tweaked to the nth degree. I’ve recently upgraded to v4, and the interface is a big improvement over v3, but there are still some serious interface issues if you want to fine tune:

  1. Rules are created thus: app protocol IP IP port port; but events are logged thus: app protocol IP port IP port. The latter is more logical (since any TCP/IP transaction is to IP:port, though normally hidden from user). So, could the rule creation interface reflect this logic, too, and be less confusing as a result.
  2. There is a desparate need for an ‘Apply’ button after modifications have been made in any tab in the ‘Network Security Policy’ section. It’s incredibly tedious having to reload the whole section if eg you’ve created a new port set or network zone, which you have to ‘OK’ before eg using it in an application rule. This is particularly the case if you have collapsed the individual entries, expanding just the one you are working on, and have to do that whole process again after OK a change in another tab.
  3. ‘View Firewall Events’ (and possibly also ‘View Active Connections’) should be made tabs in the ‘Network Security Policy’ section. The best way to fine tune, is to see the immediate effects of creation/editing of rules; as things stand, it’s another tedious process, going in and out of different sections in the interface.
    Keep up the good work! And thanks again.