Interface improvement suggestions

First I’d like to thank you for an awesome product! Thank you VERY much for making this free, it’s the first firewall I’ve considered as worth paying for!

I was following the bittorrent and emule setup guide to speed up my linux distro DLs, and found that I couldn’t use the arrow keys to move amongst the rules. I’d like it if the arrow key navigation was put into this in an update.

Also, if possible I’d like a feature to, when a prompt pops up, tell the firewall to not monitor parent applications for that program. In particular firefox has problems with this on every PC I install it on, I recommend it to people asking for tech support all the time and carry around the .exe on my flash drive. =)

Lastly, I’d personally like it if it was possible to disable all the animations in the GUI, to skin it to a barebones ‘ugly’ interface to save on resources on lower end systems.

Thank you for this awesome product!

The new beta version has a new interface ;D

How about A feature to Maually control the connections, ports, etc. and close if necessary. At least one program I know of leaves ports open even after it closes, and there are other reasons to close them manually if we so desire. The Connections Activity Monitor is a great feature, and in real time up/down transfers, etc. Beautiful…TY COMODO, but to control those would be Even better!!
Food for thought…