Interesting things people are doing [Closed]

Here is where I’ll post what interesting things people are doing that I see in the Who’s Online section. Anyone else can of course post things too.

(This is an Off Topic/Everything forum, so I should be able to do this and not go against the rules. O0)

Ragwing is posting in the ‘Do You Think SuperAntiSpyware is a Rouge Program?’ topic I made.

Commodus is looking at Ganda’s profile.

Commodus is looking at this topic.

Ragwing is looking at this topic.

I never posted! :wink:

This is a bit pointless ;D Better think of something funny. Like Ganda is sending love message to Kyle :smiley: Oh wait it’s not funny - he really does that :-X

Well it said you where.

Well I like doing this. It is funny.

And Ragwing is looking at my profile.

What am I doing now then? :wink:

1st looking at my profile (or was that Commodus?)
2nd posting here. ;D

I mean right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Commodus may have sent a PM to Kyle.

And what might I be doing now? :wink:

Yes, I thought about doing that. :slight_smile: But then again - the poor Kyle is frightened to death already ;D

Well, I saw you hanging around his profile, so I didn’t know.

Pfff, check out how Ganda “hangs around” in the newbie profiles and spams them with love PM’s :o ;D

“3xist is banning unknown people”


You really are?

Maybe that was some of those ‘Unknown Action’ ones. :wink:

P.S. I sometimes see mods that are on boards that say: ‘Nothing, or nothing you can see’. Oh, I get a bit upset about that. (:AGY)

That means they are in the mods kitchen ;D And cooking some plans with Melih and COMODO staff. Cooking Goose18 also :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

I’ve often wondered how many boards there are that I can’t see (the only special one I can see is the Malware Research Group).