Interesting read on ACTA (Anti-Counterfitting treaty)

Lock up your iPods. LOL.

In a nutshell, if passed, this act allows Governments to seize equipment holding material that breaches copyright provisions - i.e. you have an illegal MP3, they can take your MP3 player.

ACTA is currently being refined and the leaked memo was never meant to see the light of day.

Interesting to see which countries want to keep this quiet - shame Denmark, shame. :cry:

Ewen :slight_smile:

These organizations are like a virus.

The leaked document includes a provision to [b]force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide information about suspected copyright infringers without a warrant,[/b] something which many feel should not be lawful, making it easier for the record industry to sue music file sharers and for officials to shut down non-commercial BitTorrent websites such as The Pirate Bay.[6]

This isn’t in the USA yet, is it? Just Denmark?

Or does it affect the US?

Either way…it makes me a bit grumpy. >:(

For an explanation of ACTA see: [url=] Issues | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Something very similar in France, called “Hadopi”:

Funny that in belgium now some political parties are thinking about making downloading legal… 88)


yep … i live en belgium and i think it sucks!

made laugh : :P0l

Hey I already posted that!;msg369879#msg369879


Europe trashes ACTA as Obama praises it

Dont know :confused:

Hey hey, it aint so bad ;). At least we have the “rustige vastheid” instead of the “■■■■ OUR GOVERNEMENT UP” Dutchmen :smiley:

Just read that, I’m happy that it should now be discussed in public, but then again, will it change the outcome ?


Almost OT

The inmates are running the asylum!

I read intreasting articles just like that on

It gets funnier and funnier!

The last straw was when it was revealed that Stephen Timms –- the minister for Digital Britain – was under the impression that "IP address" referred to "intellectual property", rather than internet protocol. Expect him to appear on Fail Blog any time soon.

More good reading here:

TalkTalk, definitely one of the better UK ISPs

I prefer this one :smiley:

- YouTube — Movie Piracy - It’s a crime, by the Australian government.

I saw this comment: “WOULD YOU DOWNLOAD A CAR?” :stuck_out_tongue:

US government finally admits most piracy estimates are bogus

Now lets see how the ‘entertainment industry’ get’s out of that one!

I hope, once the election is over, that someone in the ‘elected’ British Government sees some sense, but I doubt it.

It seems to be signed by 8 nations :o