Interesting post on Comodo Facebook page

See the attached posted on the Comodo Facebook page ???

New Version of CIS ? :P0l

Hopefully. The countdown is on!!!

It can mean anything :a0

I mean it is already given away what it is on their twiiter page @comododesktop, you’ll see the banner and the link to the website with a way to stay informed by entering a business email address. Sorry but it will just be another product/service geared toward the business/enterprise market.

:stuck_out_tongue: ;D marketing is good… :viva:


Don’t be surprised if the main comodo website and these forums disapper or rediect to as that is their new name, Comodo Security Solutions Rebrands to Xcitium | News Direct

How does this rebranding match with further CIS premium development and releases?
I mean we have clear answers from Comodo staff that CIS premium is not abandoned.
Could it mean that rebranding turns any answer or feedback from Comodo staff regarding further CIS premium development and releases automatically into void because Comodo staff will continue as Xcitium staff?

We have the word from not only C.O.M.O.D.O RT, but from CIS main developer itself Ming.zhou that CIS Premium will not be discontinued and a new version is coming soon with a planned expansion on CIS team.
However it is more than 2 months ago since Ming.zhou said that and now there is this announced rebranding of ‘Comodo Security Solutions’.

So we can either conclude that:
a) CIS Premium (as well as Pro paid version) will be discontinued as Xcitium will focus on enterprise only.
b) CIS Premium (as well as Pro paid version) will be rebranded to ‘Xcitium Internet Security’.
c) Since only ‘Comodo Security Solutions’ is rebranding its name and not ‘Comodo Group’ itself, maybe CIS Premium (as well as Pro paid version) will not be discontinued nor rebranded.

Like always, communication is almost non-existant so we are left with nothing but speculations.

The day is here! We’re very happy to share that Comodo is now Xcitium.

However also, “Platform launch in August 2022.”