Interesting help from geekbuddy.

Well here goes:

11:06:49 PM System : Please type "READY" below to start... It shouldn't take long... 11:07:17 PM client : READY 11:07:28 PM Ryan : Hello! My name is Ryan. I will be assisting you today! 11:07:41 PM client : Hello, im having trouble with my realtime protection 11:07:57 PM client : It says "in danger" 11:08:02 PM Ryan : I can definitely help you with your issue. First let's start with some basic information. May I have your E-mail address? 11:08:09 PM client : xxxxxx[at] 11:08:27 PM Ryan : Thank you, please give me a moment to check your account information. 11:09:19 PM Ryan : Feel free to give us a call by dialing our GeekBuddy number 1-888-428-7638, this will help us explain the issue better. Let me know if you like this option. 11:09:49 PM client : Alright will call now 11:10:00 PM Ryan : Great! You can dial now or at any time during our chat. Once an agent picks up, just let me know the agents' name. 11:11:44 PM client : "the number you have called is temporarily disconnected" 11:11:47 PM client : or not in use 11:11:48 PM client : it says 11:11:54 PM client : I tried to call from my phone. 11:12:16 PM Ryan : That is fine, we can stay with chat only. Let me know if you change your mind. 11:12:43 PM client : alright 11:12:55 PM client : so what can i do about this "systemprotection doesn't work correctly" ? 11:13:11 PM client : I'm having my PC at swedish so it says in swedish so im just translating it 11:13:26 PM client : but hope you understand 11:13:58 PM Ryan : Could you please elaborate on the issue? 11:15:04 PM client : Well if you want i can show you trough Teamviewer what the problem is. 11:15:23 PM client : If you are using it at all... it's a great tool to help your clients as a remote tool. 11:18:17 PM Ryan : Are you there? 11:18:21 PM client : Yes im here 11:18:24 PM client : Did you get my message? 11:21:08 PM client : ? 11:21:39 PM Ryan : We apologize for the inconvenience but the session must be closed due to inactivity. Please click the application icon when you are ready to continue.

Hi BeNaX:

We apologize for the inconvenience. It seems the GeekBuddy agent did not receive any of your last few replies. This is why the agent asked Are you there? This issue happens from time to time and it has been escalated to our developers to investigate.


GeekBuddy Staff