Interesting article about Comodo's AVSMART offering

Please read.

Comodo is the FIRST company in the world, to put their money where their mouth is in terms protecting end users! Its like drug and insurance companies! It is not in the interest of Insurance company for you to be ill, cos it costs them money!

Comodo is like the insurance company for Computer Security! Its a paradigm shift in Computer Security Industry.

We invite all other security companies to follow in our lead and complete their offering by either guaranteeing 100% protection (which is not possible) or giving warranty for just in case if their products fail to protect!

Afterall, if they believe in their product, they should be able to offer the warranty! We do (:NRD)


Great Direction Comodo is introducing to the World of Computer Security! (:CLP)

But wondered about pricing? Is this per computer or up to a certain number of computers for home use?

The corporate world have 50, 500, 5000, networked around the world, I would expect a difference from home use, to “Small Business” to Large Corporations to vary ?


the price is per PC.

we will have a corporate offer soon.

Hi Melih.

What will the policy be on renewals of this license?


Good question. we haven’t yet come up with anything on this, but I do expect we should benefit the renewals without claims by offering discount etc.