Integration of peerblock/peerguardian in comodo firewall

Hi,there is a program freeware

that the main principal function is block of all range of ip that are dangerous(companies anti-psp,spyware,malware,fake clients,server proxy.ecc ecc),ip that are content in list that are periodically downloaded from third site(bluetack,iblocklist)…in this program there is a gui to manage the lists,allow some range of ip,view the range block…

is possible integrate this small gui and function in comodo firewall?

+1 :-TU

We need it


I feel like I read a similar wish recently about better host name entry, so if I find it I’ll link you guys to it. In the mean time I’ll say this here…

There’s a shortcoming to IP block-lists, the lack of host name support. Comodo’s My Blocked Network Zones would be a beast of a feature if Comodo were to…

… introduce the ability to add wild cards to host names.
… improve their look-up of IP addresses from host names (right now Comodo seems to stop as soon as it finds one, which renders it next to useless for host names employing a range of addresses).



bump after almost 2 years?! hehe
i would love to see a similar tool for managing ip lists integrated with the security suite!
… or at least a comodo ip list on iblocklist so i wouldnt constantly be manually updating my permallow list in peerblock!

alot of people believe they have no need for a tool like this and that their firewall is good enough, however i still see a massive amount of blocks to all sorts of marketing groups, ad agencies, etc just using everyday software and websites.

I don’t understand why this request isn’t been accepted

I suppose they won’t add it because utilities, like PeerBlock, do a good job at it.

Obviously, web-protections have not been a priority over the years.

I rather suspect that COMODO won’t add PeerBlock because one of it’s key uses is preventing owners of copyright material discovering who is stealing from them. COMODO is hardly going to promote an illegal activity.

And yes, I do know that file sharing itself is not illegal and I also know that PeerBlock has other good uses.