Integration CAV and SquidNT

The free license on CIS both for house and for commercial application does its rather attractive to many system administrators using free products. Also it would be logical to integrate CIS with other free programs as SquidNT for example for an anti-virus filtration of the traffic of a proxy-server.
Yours faithfully, Anatoliy_K

Can you plz post a link to what exactly are yo referring to

SquidNT SquidNT
ClamAV ClamAVNet

SquidNT it is Windows-realization of proxy-server Squid initially developed under Unix-likesystems. Initially in it there are functions of integration with antivirus ClamAV. ClamAV it is an antivirus of a command line and it is capable to work as service accepting the traffic from other programs (usually post and proxies-servers), checking it on viruses and then returning to their program-sender. However new project ClamWin and SquidNT don’t work together as it is in a case with their Unix-clones. The essence of my idea is that - the majority of anti-virus web scanners of real time under Windows act as a local proxy-server, passing all entering network traffic through itself. So why not to create function of construction of a chain of here such local proxy and a proxy обслуживаещего a local network?

It is really interesting to nobody Squid? ???