Integrated Virtual Sandbox in the Firewall

Been running Comodo’s firewall with Sandboxie which is a virtual sandbox where your system is read only and all internet activities/traffic/cache/cookies/apps are put in a virtual container, leaving your system untouched (including registry). All gets wiped clean with one click after deciding which files you want to keep and copy on your real system.

It would be a great idea to have a free firewall with such a feature built in. This would boost the security of any system by keeping all internet parasitic activities/downloads/forced system changes completly separate.


That would be pretty cool.

Hi Robert.
As Melih stated a few weeks ago their sandbox solution is on it’s way to be developed. I do not know if it is gonna be implemented into the firewall or standalone. So just wait and keep in touch to get some more info on that.
Sandboxi is probably a great solution but unfortunately it does not work on my machine??!! so I can not tell. But I would much like to try greenborder which is considered to be the best of its class.


Hello Comodo,

is it possible to get an update on (if any) development of sandboxing application?

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My guess would be that once the Diskshield product has been finalised then the Sandbox development will follow soon after.Keep a watch on Melih’s posts since he often mentions the current state of play with the various products.

This sounds like a great idea except that Sandboxie is free and will with any program on your computer. Why reinvent the wheel. My only bitch about Sandboxie is that it does not work with any 64 bir OS. Seems that Microsoft will have to open part if the kernel for it to work. So for all 32 bit OS’s it is great and I use it all the time, but alas my Vista Ultimate does not. :’(

Unfortunatly the Sandbox feature won’t be developed because it’s too vulnerable. Comodo is though making a “time machine” (an evolution of diskshield) So let’s just wait untill that comes out, Perhaps that’s what we’re looking for :wink:

You say the sandbox is too vulnerable,can you elaborate? In my experience of Sandboxie,with a few additional tweaks it’s pretty near bulletproof,so I’d have expected something similar from Comodo.

Yeah I agree, I really like sandboxie also, I’m doing a search for where i heard about the sandbox thing. will post back when i find out - Maybe this time machine is a replacement for the sandbox idea.

I think the Time Machine Comodo is developing, which will solve reformatting all the time will blow Sandbox out of the water. :slight_smile:


yea, CTM sounds powerful. a sandbox would just be repetitive

While the Comodo Time Machine sounds like a nice feature, I still prefer the approach of an application virtualization solution and a System level virtualization solution.

CTM is sounds more like a cure while virtualization is like a defensive protection.

Which do you prefer? Why not implement the both?

Just what I was thinking hehehe. (:NRD) (:LGH) ;D

I think this is a cool idea too.
But just because you install a firewall dosnt mean you want a totally sandboxed system.
Anyway I guess the nice comodo crew understands this.
And makes it optional like the firewall, or possible to turn off like the D+ futures! =)

I like the idea of a flexible solution that enables partial sandboxing to complete virtualization of the system.

I do too, with the combination of restricting program and user access in the sandboxes.

Eg: Only this program is allowed to run in this sandbox nothing else.
That program is able to access the internet nothing else.
Only this progam has the only resource access (such as file access - direct, full, read-only, blocked; registry; windows…etc)

These are only some of the features , I’d very much like to see implemented. It doesn’t even have to be inegrated into the firewall. With features like this , I’m sure it would be a great success. The Comodo Time Machine sounds like some kind of restore point software, there are already many many programs in the market today that already do this. Why not tap into the small market of sandboxing? There aren’t many competitors as of yet. There are a lot of sandbox users that want that something more, so I’m sure it would blossom triumphantly

What are your thoughts?

I agree with you there,although a high quality,free RollbackRX clone would be extremely welcome,I hope that the Sandbox element isn’t abandoned entirely.Sometimes a partial option is desirable,for example you may wish to have added security but at the same time be downloading a large file.It can make things complicated if you’re multi-tasking,picking and choosing which elements of a session you wish to make permanent.A sandbox greatly simplifies the process of isolating individual tasks and as you pointed out it’s a relatively untapped market.

Since Defence+ already allows policy restriction rules the addition of a sandbox element would represent an (even more) awesome security product .