Integrated Proxy

One feature that I’ve always wanted in Dragon was the integration of optional proxy servers.

The main incentive for this request is the issue of geolocation. For example, GEMA restrictions bypass any settings in the browser that are in place to prevent such tracking. The only means to forgo these kind of restrictions is by utilizing a proxy based outside of the country affected. Unfortunately, very few of these proxies are safe for banking purposes or compatible with SSL encryption.

I understand the difficulty of routing a connection through internal servers. Opera has struggled with this in recent years and, in what I consider to be among their greatest mistakes, placed a Turbo-compression station in Germany, which ruins the service’s potential as a proxy despite the speed increase for European users.

If it hasn’t been made clear yet, I am looking for something similar to the old Opera Turbo to break out of national boundaries. It doesn’t matter if the function runs slow or is only a crude redirect. I would rather put my faith in Comodo for privacy and freedom on the web than any shifty third-party extension.